Slow Cooked with Relish

For my slow cooker challenge I’ve tried to do the easiest cheapest and most flavoursome slow cooked recipe which requires minimal effort.

So here goes with Easy Slow cooked Moroccan lamb.

The ingredients

Lamb neck fillet chopped into bite size pieces you don’t need loads about 300g
1 massive sweet potato or the equivalent of about 400g
1 Tin of tomatoes chopped
Fresh tomato’s if you have any
1 Jar of Biona Harrissa relish
1 medium red onion
1tblspn plain flour/1tsp cinnamon/1tspn ground cumin (used for coating the lamb)

The Method

To start with I chopped the onion and then fried it off / softened it with a little olive oil and added it to the bottom of the slow cooker.

I then took a bowl added a tablespoon of flour a tsp of cinnamon and some ground cumin and coated the chopped lamb and then placed it in the same frying pan as the onions and browned it slightly ( a couple of minutes max) just so it held the flavours then added it to the slow cooker.

Next I peeled and chopped the sweet potato into small chunks and added it to the cooker

Followed by a few chopped fresh tomatoes and the tin of tomatoes.

The last addition is two tablespoons of harrisa paste, about half of the jar and seasoned with salt and pepper.

A quick stir then I added the lid and placed on High for 4 1/2 hours

I have made this dish before and left it for up to eight hours on low but this does make the vegetables soft and the lamb extremely tender it really depends on your own preference. Depending whats in your fridge you could also add spinach, chickpeas, lentils to make this extremely wholesome its your preference really.

Overall it costed out at £6.78 around £1.35 per portion and we had enough for five decent lunch portions.

Cooking with a slow cooker requires little effort my only advice is be careful how much water you add because it doesn’t evaporate and your stew could easily become a soup if you get to enthusiastic with stock, wine etc

We’ll be keeping you posted throughout the week with how the challenge progresses, you can also check out pictures from each day on our flickr page.

It’d be great if you could share with us your favourite recipes, and if you do take the plunge and try your own shared lunch project be sure to let us know how it goes.  Just leave a comment below…

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