The Chocolate Survey

We received this email today from Matt Marlow of Birmingham University, doing a dissertation as part of his Masters degree, on chocolate of all things. I clearly chose the wrong degree…

“I’m researching how online forums and blogs can be used by you to raise awareness of the Green & Black’s brand.
“I’d appreciate if you could click on the link below and complete a short questionnaire. It will only take a couple of minutes, but it would really help me in my research.”

Green & Black’s survey

Being the helpful types that that we are we thought we’d lend a hand. To be honest it was the fact that his appeal was addressed to all chocolate lovers which first grabbed us, but Green & Black’s is an interesting brand name to consider. Slightly controversial after its takeover by Cadbury Schweppes, Green & Black’s still holds our attention with its organic credentials, and their Maya Gold does hold the first Fairtrade mark to be awarded in the UK back in 2004. And with all that pure and unadulterated cocoa bean content, it is just so darn tasty…!

As bloggers ourselves the notion of online forums and blogs to raise brand awareness is an interesting one. If you fancy, help Matt out by completing the survey yourselves.

If all this talk of chocolate has whetted your appetite, Green & Black’s is widely available on the high street, or you could buy Green & Black’s online.

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