Easter chocolate recipe

Ethical recipe for kids – Easter Chocolate Nests

Whether it’s a rainy day, school holidays or just a chilled out Sunday, a family baking day is always a fun way to spend time with the kids. If you’re looking for something simple, delicious and fun to make with your favourite little people, look no further. An Easter chocolate recipe is just the thing!

We’re on holiday over that weekend so we decided to have a day in and have our chocolate fix early by making some delicious Easter treats. The best bit is, you can order all the ingredients online right here at Ethical Superstore and get them delivered straight to your door!

Makes 12 nests

200g Divine Milk Chocolate for Baking (or you can use dark chocolate if you prefer)
200g Doves Farm Organic & Gluten Free Cereal Flakes
Divine Milk Chocolate Speckled Eggs
Divine Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs (or dark)
Q Sprinkles Pearlised Sugar Strand Sprinkles
Crazy Jack Organic Golden Syrup

You will need: Bun or Muffin tray, paper cake cases, large mixing bowl, smaller heatproof glass bowl.

To start, we broke up our Divine Cooking Chocolate (there may have been a small piece redirected to my daughter’s mouth, oops!) and placed it in a large glass bowl over a pan of simmering water to slowly melt it – always use this method to melt chocolate, never use direct heat or the chocolate can ‘sieze’. When fully melted we added a tablespoon of Crazy Jack Organic Syrup along with the Doves Farm cereal flakes, then mixed until the flakes were well coated.

Easter chocolate nests with Divine Chocolate

We then spooned the mixture in to baking cases and placed the eggs on top, making them look like nests. We sprinkled them with the pearlised sugar strands and placed them in the fridge to set. There are also Doves Farm Corn Flakes, Hale & Hearty Honey Bee Cereal or Kallo Wholegrain Puffs which you could use depending on your preference. The sugar strands made them more interesting for my little ray of sunshine, and it also made them more personalised – she loved this part. Maybe if she’s good on holiday, we can have another baking day and I can get heart and star shaped Q Sprinkles and try something a bit more challenging! Have an amazing and ethical Easter everyone.

If there are any ingredients on our website that you’d like to see me use in a recipe, drop me a comment and I’ll do my very best to include it.

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