Clipper green tea

Why should you try green tea?

Whether you’re looking to reduce your caffeine intake in 2016 or find a healthier option than fizzy drinks and pop, green tea is a great option and Clipper is our favourite! So what’s great about it?

Clipper green tea is light and clear – they pride themselves in the quality of the leaves and the expertise in the production process, working only with trusted estates to buy the green tea. In 1994 they became the UK’s first Fairtrade tea company, and they never add anything artificial to any of their drinks. They use natural unbleached tea bags and many products are Soil Association certified organic.

What are the benefits of green tea?

1. Helping your metabolism
Properties of green tea can help to increase your metabolic rate and burn calories in the short term. This means that, together with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, green tea can help you try and lose weight. If you swap sugary and fizzy drinks for green tea you could save thousands of calories a year!

2. Antioxidants
We all need antioxidants – those lovely molecules that help cleanse our bodies. Thanks to its gentle fermentation process, green tea is rich in natural antioxidants and flavonoids that kill free radicals – those unstable molecules that damage your cells.

3. It can be good for your teeth
Compounds that are contained in green tea kill bacteria found in the mouth, stopping them from attacking your teeth.

4. Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
Green tea can help to keep the levels of sugar in the blood stable, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure thanks to catechins (a type of antioxidant).

5. Help you relax
Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea leaves, helps you relax and keep stress at bay. Plus, with less caffeine than regular tea (and much less than coffee) it’s a better option to drink when you don’t need a stimulant.

Clipper Teas recipe - DIY Green Tea Body Scrub

DIY Green Tea Body Scrub Recipe

You can even make a fab Green Tea Scrub (recipe courtesy of Clipper Tea and Jasmine Harding), perfect to treat your skin or give as a lovely handmade gift:

1 brewed and cooled green tea
1 green tea bag
1 cup of granulated sugar
Olive oil

Start by brewing one green tea bag in half a cup of water, and leave to cool.

Whilst the tea is cooling, pour the sugar into a bowl and mix in about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Once combined, add in the contents of the un-brewed green tea bag and mix together. The loose tea adds a rougher texture to the scrub, allowing it to really buff away any dead skin cells and help skin’s softness, keeping it supple. Once your brewed tea has cooled add this to the loose tea, olive oil and sugar mixture. You can then decant the scrub into a pot or jar of your choice. You can add ingredients such as vanilla or cinnamon to customise your own scent.

Why is green tea useful as an exfoliator? Green tea is packed full of goodness and antioxidants that calm, reduce redness and create silky soft skin that looks healthy and has a glow all year around. A great natural option!

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