MAD Points – Our Frequent Shopper Rewards

If you’ve been earning Mad points, you will have received your reward voucher recently – it’s time to start enjoying those rewards!


Mad points are the EthicalSuperstore frequent shopper points, and we give them to everybody who shops with us.


This frequent shopper programme earns you points as you shop. You receive 5 points for every £1 you spend, and they’re worth ½ pence apiece, which means every £100 you spend earns you 500 points worth £2.50. You can also earn points by submitting product reviews, so you earn rewards while helping other customers in the EthicalSuperstore community.


The Mad points that you earn on each product are shown on the product page, so it’s easy to see how many points you’re earning.


You can earn Mad points all of the time. If you’ve been earning them since Mad points started, and have earned more than 100 points, you will have recently received your first Mad Points voucher! The voucher will tell you your reward amount, and gives you a unique voucher code so you can get spending! There’s no better time to enjoy your reward too, with our fantastic Mid Season offers available until the end of the week.

Many of you have already enjoyed your Mad points rewards already, but there are lots more rewards up for grabs!

Learn more about Mad points.

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