Will football save the planet?

Did you know that ex-England goal keeper David James has turned into is1 a bit of an eco-warrior?

The Portsmouth stopper is keen to strike an ethical compromise between success and consumerism.

James has converted his Chrysler car to run on rapeseed oil or “grow your own fuel,” as he calls it.

He also recycles, grows his own vegetables, is restoring his Devon farmhouse and set up the David James Foundation to nurture sustainable agricultural projects in Malawi.

Which reminds me, there’s a really good post over at Home Truth all about the football factory and how in West Africa…

“A young footballer can be worth much more than a diamond……It is the new slave trade. The reality for most young players is further poverty and abuse……”

Dartford Football Club's sustainable stadium

Can football save the world? I doubt it, but so long as there are clubs like Dartford Town (first eco stadium) and Manchester City (installing a wind turbine) then at least it’s a step in the right direction.

:: Get involved! – Sign up for green electricity with Ecotricity and EthicalSuperstore.com

:: Read more – Can football save the planet? via BBC News.

:: 1. ^ David James occasionally writes for The Grauniad. Here he is, writing about the wind turbine at Manchester City.


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