‘Shy Bairns Get Nowt’ – inside the Newcastle West Food Bank

Vice magazine meet one of Newcastle food bank’s dedicated volunteers, as well as the locals suffering after years of austerity cuts. This video is definitely worth watching, giving us an inside look at the struggles the charity – and the people they help – face on a daily basis.

Newcastle West food bank

When the Newcastle West food bank opened for the first time on the 14th March 2013 it provided food to around 30 people per week. It now has the unfortunate distinction of being the biggest in the UK, feeding around 55,000 this last year. In comparison, the number 2 food bank in the country feeds around 10,000.

The day before their closure for Christmas 2014 they provided food for 1,057 people. In ONE single day they needed to help as many people as are normally helped in a week.

We added support for this food bank in the run up to Christmas to help them, and we will continue to support them with your help. You can donate in our checkout, and we will ADD 20% to your donation.

Find out more about Newcastle West End Food Bank. Thank you for your continued support for our charities.

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