90kg Rice Challenge

Will you take the 90kg Rice Challenge?

Just Trading Scotland launched the 90kg Rice Challenge as the perfect social enterprise activity for schools, churches and community groups with it covering a range of prevalent issues including sustainability, fair trade, social enterprise and citizenship.
So far over 800 schools, churches and community groups have completed the challenge already, now is the time to join them!

The challenge is for your school or organisation to sell 90 x 1kg bags of Kilombero rice, this is the amount of rice that would need to be sold to enable a Malawian farmer to pay for a year’s basic secondary education for one child. It’s up to you how to sell the rice anything from curry nights to Fairtrade grocery stalls!

The challenge is a great way to engage participants, inspire and educate them on the good that fair trade does in our world. With 90kg being the amount of rice a farmer would need to sell to enable them to send a child to secondary school for a year, people taking part can directly see their own buying decisions are helping provide a better life for those in some of the poorest communities in Malawi.

How have others tackled the 90kg Challenge?

Hillhead Primary School

Across 2017 Hillhead Primary School managed to sell an incredible ton of Kilombero Rice. They managed to do this by selling the rice at stalls at their Christmas fayre, at events in their local community and throughout the school year.

Their amazing feat led to them getting visits from local press as well as a special visit from two of our farmers in Malawi!

Millersneuk Primary School

Millersneuk Primary School where able to sell an incredible 1200kg of Kilombero Rice! The challenge was introduced by the Pupil Council and a JTS representative visited the council in order to provide an explanation of the reasoning behind undertaking a 90kg challenge. The school then established an inter-house competition where each house was tasked with completing a 90kg rice challenge. The challenge was advertised to parents and families through schools newsletters, after this the children helped to design order forms which they took home on a Friday and brought back to school on Wednesday. The challenge ran for 5 weeks and there was a league table of how each house was doing which was updated every Wednesday after the orders had been tabulated, this helped to keep the challenge competitive and engaging and contributed hugely to its success.

With Fairtrade Fortnight coming up there has never been a better time to take part in the 90kg Rice Challenge, get your school involved!
Get started on the 90kg Rice Challenge here.

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