Spooky Halloween treats with Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

We’re looking forward to Halloween treats with the spookily fun Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

What they like to tell us humans is that all profits from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing and mentoring charity for young humans which helps them with writing workshops and mentoring. All of their delightfully ghoulish treats come with a specially commissioned poem or tale.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Halloween

Favourite treats

1. Cubed Earwax – Mmm, delicious! ‘Earwax made from humans fed on a diet of Tinned Fear’, which tastes curiously like delicious vanilla fudge to us. It’s perfect for a fun gift or Halloween treat.

2. NEW Toasted Bone Chunks – ‘made from the finest Englishmen’ are a firm favourite here, with a lovely cinder toffee-like taste.

3. A Vague Sense of Unease – what more would you need to buy for anyone? This amusing gift tin promises to ‘destroy all feelings of ease, creating a rising yet uncertain sense of disquiet’ and advises that two should be given every day, ideally in a darkened chamber.

They’ve also kept us amused with tales from their blog:
“That Friday feeling meant we had more humans visiting than usual. They like to stock up on gifts for other humans before the weekend and the Cubed Earwax was flying off the shelves. We just tell them it’s fudge.
The local gang of sorcerers has been practising their spells again, and it seems their levitation curse got in through the air conditioning system. It’s not the worst curse we’ve had in the shop – we were made invisible for an entire century once – but it kept us on our toes. One minute I was chatting to a customer about our range of salt made from human tears, the next a jar of human snot hit him in the head.”

Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any extra fangs, horns, neck bolts or ghostly apparitions occurring from this range. Eat at your own risk! 😉 Get your scariest treats ready this Halloween with Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

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