Beauty Kitchen – Pioneering Sustainable Beauty for a Reuse Revolution

Effective products, natural ingredients and sustainable packaging is what seeps into every aspect of Beauty Kitchen – it’s a rule of thumb that they never stray from. Breaking down barriers for the beauty industry with their reusable packaging, Beauty Kitchen have now saved over 4 million single use bottles from going to landfill, and they aren’t stopping any time soon.

For us, Beauty Kitchen’s products are perfect examples of where nature and science come together to create truly effective products that are scientifically proven and just so happen to be sustainable.

Founded in 2014 in Scotland by Jo-Anne Chidley, after her own struggles with finding sustainable beauty products that were accessible and truly worked, she set three principles in place for Beauty Kitchen. First, the products really do have to work and should be scientifically proven. Second, they had to give great results with only natural ingredients. Lastly, they must be sustainable, both inside and out.

With these principles in mind, Jo has now created two award-winning targeted skincare ranges, nourishing haircare, plastic free accessories, and aromatherapy inspired body care. Since launching Beauty Kitchen, Jo has gone on to spearhead the B Corp Beauty Coalition and the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition, pioneering positive change for the whole beauty industry.

“I love beauty products, but I was finding it hard to come by truly effective products that considered sustainable ingredients as well as packaging. So, after studying chemistry at university & gaining a passion for botany, I took matters into my own hands and begun experimenting and perfecting my own products.”

Jo Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen

Cruelty free, vegan, and microplastic free formulas are just a few of the elements that have contributed to Beauty Kitchen becoming the highest scoring B Corp in the European beauty industry and British winner in Sustainability at the Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence Awards 2022. As well as incorporating reusable or compostable packaging into the equation so that we can become the solution to plastic pollution. Remember, small changes make a BIG impact, and that includes your beauty routine.

Scientifically Proven Skincare

If you were to ask Jo what her hero products are out of all of her creations, she would highlight her Seahorse Plankton+ range, which is targted to mature skin and is scientifically and clinically proven to boost collagen production by 20%.

“I always recommend a cleanser, moisturiser and facial oil to anyone who is new to sustainable skincare as these are essentials to my routine. The renewing marine extracts that we use in our Seahorse Plankton+ range include plant based microalgae which we grow in giant baths which produce energy that we give back to the electricity grid. This is just one example of where we incorporate sustainable sourcing of our ingredients since we don’t want to take this recourse directly from the ocean.”

Jo Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen

Seahorse Plankton+ Revitalising Gel Cleanser

Seahorse Plankton+ Really Radiant Moisturiser

Seahorse Plankton+ High Definition Facial Oil

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Written by Jo Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen

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