Nilaqua – Washing With No Water!

Nilaqua Shampoo

People don’t often think about the environmental impact water has at festivals. In addition to the diesel fumes/ transport pollution of using tankers, the water has to heated (usually with gas burners or generators) you have to dig holes in the ground for waste, you need chemicals to purify and prevent disease, then you have to collect the grey water and tanker it away again. Overall festival showers are a large cost and detriment to the environment.

Nilaqua is kind and gentle to the skin and contain no parabens or alcohol. Simply apply the liquid directly to the hair or body, massage to lift dirt and grease, then remove by thoroughly towel drying! These alcohol free goodies are not only far better for the environment than washing with water but they save queuing, give you a bit of privacy and of course they leave you sparkling!

Check out Nilaqua in action!

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