Ethical Spanking Paddles!

Well, there’s a title to grab your attention!

Spanking Paddle

A quick whip around the office for ideas of alternative uses for this handy device brought forth various suggestions, from a primitive rafting paddle or a table tennis bat, to a cheese board!

However, this genuinely is sold as a Spanking Paddle, much to our entertainment!

You may be wondering where we found such an item, but whilst immersing ourselves in researching ethical products for we stumble across many ‘interesting’ products which grab our attention. This is undoubtedly the most amusing items we’ve discovered this week – we weren’t searching specifically – honest!

So Why oh Why is this considered ethical we hear you cry?!?

Primarily it is because it was handcrafted as part of a fair trade project in India using sustainable wood, making this piece of ‘equipment’ the ultimate in eco-friendly spanking technology.

So what are you waiting for?!? The producers of these sustainable spanking paddles, Coco de Mer (NB don’t click on this link at work!) wax lyrical about the endorphins released from a good spanking, but perhaps the less said here and now about the potential associated euphoric highs the better…

I think the most important lesson to be learnt here is that whatever your hobbies, and whatever your persuasions, you can do whatever on earth it is that you do in an eco-friendly manner! And the moral of this story is that your sex life certainly should not be excluded from this. Buying fair trade condoms is a good starting point, but whether you stop there is up to you!

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  • TonyConrad

    It’s still ethical wherever you get it if it is done in marriage concensually.

    I brought a lightweight wooden hairbrush called a paddle brush sold by a reputable company. It was perfect. You can openly leave it on the side and nobody knows anything.

  • Kim

    Love this you guys (any jobs going?) andf this item, in the light or should i say the Dark of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, it is bound to get some sort of a reaction and all good forthe publicity of fairtrade items.
    Not going to say i’ll get one myself (prefer my dairyfree chocolate spead) but i will print and put up in the kitchen, it will be read by all i am sure. 🙂

  • Keith Smith

    I love this article. I enjoy consensually being strapped with a leather strap. I plan to go to a BDSM Play Party on Sunday. If I am lucky I will get to be strapped hard on my bared buttocks while my ankles and wrists are secured to a St Andrews cross. Want to come along and watch?