Getting Fit For Spring

It’s that time of year… The sun has been shining (for a day or two at least!) and even up here in the frozen North, people were beginning to think of Spring and maybe even Summer this weekend. I even saw a couple optimistically barbecuing in a park near me last night. That was perhaps a little premature – they were both wearing enormous winter jackets suggesting it wasn’t the most relaxing experience!

When the weather gets a little warmer, thoughts begin to turn to getting a little fitter and healthier. For some people it’s just because the Winter cravings for comfort food start to decrease, but for others, it’s thoughts of achieving that perfect ‘summer body’, or just wanting to feel a little more energetic when the kids start running around in the garden. Personally, I have been lucky (or unlucky!) enough to earn a place in the Great North Run for the second time this year. The run isn’t until the Autumn, but I learnt last year that the date will come round soon enough, so I’ve got to start thinking about pounding the streets again and getting healthier.

On the whole, I prefer to get out into the great outdoors in striving for fitness, rather than spending hours in a gym. It’s a more eco-friendly option too – there’s no need for an energy guzzling gym or an exercise bike if you’ve got your own bike and a cycle path. If you want to get your kids out and about this Spring there’s no better way than fixing them up with some outdoor toys. The Fairtrade Football is a great place to start (and topical with the World Cup just around the corner)!

It can be hard to motivate in getting fit for Spring, especially when the weather turns grey again as it has done for us… It’s easier said than done to start eating more healthily. Having fresh organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your door is a good way to make sure that you’ve always got tasty fresh snacks in your fruit bowl rather than reaching for the biscuit tin, but it’s still a challenge for me! Any hints and tips for getting fit and staying healthy this Spring and Summer will be greatly received. How do you get motivated?

Photo via Flickr: Aki Jinn

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