Fair Trade – A Word of the Decade

As we draw towards the end of 2009, it’s only natural that people start to look back on the year that’s past as well as to what’s ahead.

Here at EthicalSuperstore we were absolutely delighted to learn that the BBC Magazine has placed the word ‘Fairtrade’ into their list of top 20 words, not just of the year, but of the decade. It’s great news all round that people have become so much more conscious of the issues surrounding fair trade, and as more people become aware, then more people will buy fair trade, supporting some of our top fair trade partners including Traidcraft, Cafedirect and Divine Chocolate.

Buying fair trade has pitfalls and dilemmas all of its own as Helen explored in her blog exploring fair trade own label vs fair trade pioneers, but all in all it’s undoubtedly positive that more and more people are opting to support fair trade producers, whether this be in their weekly grocery shopping, or buying fair trade Christmas gifts.

Are there any other ideas for words of the year or indeed the decade out there? All thoughts and reflections received with interest!

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