Carnival of the Green # 133

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of the Green, powered by the good folks over at Treehugger, and hosted this week by us, here at How Ethical!

If you’re a regular How Ethical reader and this is your first carnival, then let me explain. This post is a travelling fairground of posts, rounding up the best of last week’s environmental, green and sustainability news.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight on to the submissions (in no particular order)!

Vancouver’s City Council has approved an “EcoDensity” policy. Adam, from Market Urbanism, asks “How is EcoDensity different from regular density, which already comes pre-equipped with environmental benefits?” in a post called EcoDensity: Scary Name, but Not-so-Bad »

Tiffany Washko presents posted at Natural Family Living Blog.

A big box store gives preferential parking for carpool and high efficiency cars … but the mainstream SUV guys don’t quite get it yet!
Prefered Parking for Gas Sippers (in theory) »
via Betsy

Inspirational story from Ametrine all about Gardening For A Sustainable Planet posted at Ways To Simplify.

The joys of Summer Simplicity.

via GP at Fish Creek House

Introducing The TwoFlush from Aquanotion, a dual flush conversion kit for standard North-American style toilets. It can potentially save hundreds of liters of water by providing a choice between a full flush and a low-flow option every time you flush. Complete with installation photos!
via Andrew Davidson

Tiffany asks “Is green guilt good or bad? Is green a new religion?” in a post called Is It Green, Religious, Or Just Smart?

Here’s a great idea to help save water: Dear Housekeeping: Please Don’t Change My Towel by Elizabeth at Go Green Travel Green

Jen from the Daily Mitzvah posted on a neat company called TerraCycle that upcycles juicepacks, grocery plastic bags, cookie wrappers, and soda bottles into useful products — everything from totebags to organic plant food to natural household cleaners. They’ve rejected standardized packaging — your natural window cleaner might be in a Coke bottle or a differently shaped Dr. Pepper bottle. All their packaging is either another company’s rejects or material from elementary school drives, in which TerraCycle pays the kids per item. And they’ve gotten their products into “big box” stores, to reach audiences that don’t typically buy recycled.

Read more: TerraCycle Happily Sells “Trash” »

Glastonbury starts next week, and (if you believe the mumblings) this year aims to be the greenest Glasto in recent years. Ethical Superstore explores How to Have an Ethical Music Festival.

And finally, our host from last week not only wants us to Grow Organic Sprouts Sustainable Wisdom For All, she also wants to give us an eco fashion update in a post called Eco-Fashion Euphoria: Prairie Underground. Both posts via Victoria Everman :: Sustainable, Creative, Enlightened Living :: San Francisco. Nice blog that one, very good.

That’s all for this week!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read, there are some great articles in there, and thank you all for your submissions.

Remember kids, spam blogs don’t get no love from me!

Thanks for popping by. Until next time, which will be some time in 2010! 🙂

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