Enjoy Chocolate Q&A

Enjoy Chocolate make the most exciting, tasty vegan and free from chocolate you can find! We caught up with founder Chris Crutchley and asked him some questions about Enjoy Chocolate;

Q: What inspired you to start up Enjoy Chocolate?

A: Having suffered with multiple food intolerances most of my life, I started Enjoy! because I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy great-tasting chocolate, regardless of dietary restrictions. This applies not only to restrictions caused by intolerance and allergy, but also personal preference (all of our chocolate is registered Vegan by the Vegan Society.) However, whilst the “Free From” element of our products is the main reason for our existence, we know from customer feedback that lots of people enjoy our chocolate, even if they don’t have dietary issues, which is a fantastic compliment!

Q: Enjoy Chocolate is Soil Association Certified, why is this important?

A: The Soil Association is the country’s leading organic certifier. For our chocolate to be awarded the official logo, we have to comply with organic regulation requirements written into a stringent set of standards.
Sustainability is important to us, and being organic is part of this. We value organic farming because it is a holistic system, working with nature and placing soil health at the centre.

Q: Many chocolates contain palm oil, is Enjoy Chocolate Palm Oil Free?

A: We would never use Palm Oil in our products because of its negative environmental impact. Instead, we use coconut oil where needed in our recipes- for example our popular filled products.

Q: Tell us some more about the ingredients you’d find in your chocolate

A: Enjoy!’s philosophy is to keep things simple. We believe chocolate tastes significantly better when simply made, with just a few organic ingredients and no hidden nasties. We base all of our chocolate on three ingredients – Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder and Coconut sugar. Then we add natural organic flavourings, together with ingredients such as coconut oil, creamed coconut and coconut milk. We combine these ingredients in the Enjoy! way, to create a careful balance of taste and texture.

Q: Lastly, what is your favourite Enjoy Chocolate flavour?

A: Now you’re asking! Can I have four? I can’t choose between the flavours of our filled bars…Mint, Orange, Vanilla and Salted Caramel….!

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