Ecover Gets Certified!

Ecover, one of Ethical Superstore’s most successful cleaning products brands, has made the leap and secured certification of cruelty free practices by being awarded the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval by Cruelty-Free International.

Despite holding policies against animal cruelty, Ecover has, until now, been unable to meet the very stringent criteria, which ensures a company products don’t harm fluffy, cuddly, wriggly or otherwise non-human beasts.

Alarmingly, many countries still do not have adequate animal welfare legislation in place and some companies even see animal experiments as a source of income. Ecover, however, have a long standing policy against animal cruelty and now have the accolade of this certification meaning the world’s largest Eco cleaning company and our beloved animals may live in harmony.

Speaking of the certification, Ecover CEO, Philip Malmberg, says: “Being accepted into this programme is an absolute privilege for Ecover and a great way to show the world that we care. Ecover has been animal friendly since the day it was founded in 1979. The decision to align with Leaping Bunny and provide our customers with household cleaning and laundry products that are certified as safe and cruelty-free was an obvious next step.”

So, go nuts! Take a look at the wide range of Ecover products we stock, safe in the knowledge that each one will fly the leaping bunny flag with pride.

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