OceanSaver – Stop cleaning with single use plastic!

We all know about the plastic problem in the ocean, but every one of us could do a little bit more. And OceanSaver is one of those ways. Since it’s invention over 100 years ago plastic has been sold to us as something that makes your life easy, because you can just throw it away. It’s easy to throw away and on the other side it is easy to produce, and cheap to use to package products in and to make products out of. This unfortunate combination has led to a disastrous amount of plastic being produced over the years. We have produced more than 8,300 million metric tonnes of plastic in the last 60 years with up to 12 million tonnes ending up in our ocean every single year. This plastic ends up floating around in giant garbage patches, sinking to the seabed, washing up on beaches around the world or worse, being broken down into smaller particles which are easily consumed by marine life often mistaking it for food. This can have disastrous consequences on the marine life ingesting it but also further up the food chain, with the particles being found in larger sea creatures. It is has been shown in a study commissioned by the WWF International that the average person ingests a credit card worth of plastic each and every week. No one really knows the long term effects of this but it is not likely to be good.

With plastic being all around us (you can read more about some surprising plastic you’ll find plastic here) there is certainly plenty of opportunity to make a difference to your plastic consumption and therefore waste. There are many great campaigns such as Plastic Free July which highlight the problem and bring people together to reduce their plastic and try to encourage businesses to change how they do things. One company that is doing things differently is OceanSaver, they decided to do things differently and go about making a plastic free cleaning range. This is no easy task, with cleaning products traditionally being shipped in plastic bottles. With OceanSaver all you need is one spray bottle and that is it! OceanSaver have come up with an ingenious solution to produced concentrated drops which are packaged in cardboard and simply dissolve in water when you pop them in the spray bottle.

It couldn’t be simpler to use OceanSaver drops, you can even reuse an old spray bottle (or OceanSaver have starter bottles), cleaning it out and then drop the drop in and fill with water and you are ready to go as soon as the drop dissolves!

There are many benefits to this, firstly the obvious one that you don’t need yet another spray bottle that will at best be recycled at the end of use, instead you can simply carry on using the one you already have. Another benefit is shipping, it’s is far easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly to transport small drops than full bottles and the weight all of that extra water carries!

This has the benefit of making them fairly low cost as there is no need to produce yet another plastic bottle so you save money whilst being kinder to the environment.

Not only this but OceanSaver is made form plant based ingredients so it’s vegan, palm oil free and suitable for septic tanks.

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