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Time to Talk Periods – Organic Cotton

As part of our Time to Talk Periods campaign we want to explore the impacts that periods and period products can have on our health. Our periods can affect our health in a variety of different ways which includes what our period products are made from. Mainstream period products can contain a lot of toxins and chemicals which is why we actively choose period products made from organic cotton.

How our period products can affect our health is often something that is not talked about, and we want to help raise awareness of why natural period products are better!

As it stands, manufacturers of period products do not have to disclose the ingredients of tampons and pads as they are considered ‘medical devices’ in America. In Europe, there are currently no specific regulations governing the composition, manufacture or use of menstrual products. We have a right to know what is in the products we’re using and there needs to be legislation put in place to change it.

“We don’t know the health implications of using plastic laden products in and around one of the most absorbent organs of our bodies, research needs to be done to find out the long-term impacts.” – Ella Daish

Organic cotton is grown using no toxic chemicals and fertilisers; meaning its better for you and our planet. It also takes much less water to grow and therefore does not deplete from water supplies.

Organic cotton is also better for you as well as our planet! When your period products are made from organic cotton, they contain no nasty toxins such as dioxins. It also often means that chlorine hasn’t been used to bleach the products which means none of these nasty chemicals are going to reach your skin and cause any irritation.

We believe that mainstream brands and manufacturers of period products need to be more transparent. Not being required to list ingredients means we are unaware of the chemicals that are being used. When picking your period products make sure you look out for whether they are organic or not.

Organic cotton is also extremely soft and breathable meaning period products made from organic cotton are often much more comfortable to wear and use.

For those that are prone to sensitive skin organic menstrual pads can be better as they contain fewer additives and dyes.

Many period products can also be fragranced. However, these fragrances can make irritate your skin. Always look to see if your menstrual products are unscented.

There is also the risk of fibre loss when using non-natural tampons. This is when small fibres fall away from the tampon and can remain in the vagina. In some cases, this can also lead to bacteria to build up resulting in infections.

If you’re particularly prone to sensitive skin choosing menstrual products made from organic cotton is kinder to your skin and is less likely to cause irritation.

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