NEW Vegolino vegan chocolate from Vego bar

Vegolino is here!

The Vego Bar was the biggest hit with everyone in our office, so you can guess how excited we’ve been since we found out about Vegolino’s existence (hint: REALLY EXCITED). Well guess’s finally here!

You can now buy these delicious vegan praline chocolates from us, and right now you’ll save 20% because it’s coeliac awareness week.

They are made with hazelnut paste which gives them a great taste that’s similar to a certain hazelnut and chocolate spread (that we also go crazy for in the office), but these pralines are completely vegan. If you aren’t vegan, don’t let it put you off, this stuff tastes like real milk chocolate, and they really melt in the mouth. Not only that, Fairtrade Certified, contain no gluten and are made with organic ingredients – these are among the most ethical pralines you could buy, and did I mention they’re delicious?

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy some now!

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