The Eco Hair Dryer Blows Away The Competition.

The new Eco Hair Dryer from BabylissI’m always amazed at how little changes to our everyday routine can create a massive change or make a sizeable difference to the environment, your pocket, or your lifestyle.

So when we got a load of small electricals through the doors of Ethical Superstore I couldn’t wait to dig up some facts and figures on the eco-friendly alternatives to some of our daily appliances.

Yes, this new Eco Hair Dryer from Babyliss is small light and portable, and guess what? It dries your hair too.

But for me, the real plus point is the energy you could save if you swap your current 2000Watt dryer for this nifty little thing.

It performs as well as its power hungry, energy sapping bigger brothers and sisters, but uses only half of the power (1000Watts).

Now then, if, like my fiancée, you’re an “I have to wash my hair every day” kind of person and your drenched locks take about ten minutes to dry then that equates to an energy saving of 166Watts every time you plug in and use your new dryer.

“So what?”

I hear you ask . . .

“What’s so good about 166Watts??”

Well, I’ll tell you shall I . . .166Watts is something of a magic number, especially here at Ethical Superstore where we’re all quite partial to a cuppa and a slice or two of toast.

Mmmm . . . 11 slices of guilt-free toast

By replacing your 2000W hair dryer with the Eco Hair Dryer the energy you save could be redistributed to boil enough water to make just over 7 thirst quenching, heart-warming cups of tea, or turn 11 slices of lowly bread into the munching, crunching all powerful wonder of toast.

That adds up to a staggering 2555 cuppa’s and a gut busting 4015 slices of toast a year!

So, next time your hair dryer is rampaging through your energy supply and blasting out its’ inefficient warmth, just think of all the breakfasty goodness you could be feasting on, with your conscience clear, if you made the switch to the Eco Hair Dryer.

Still need convincing? Read a glowing e-View of the Eco Hair Dryer.

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3 Responses

  1. staggering 2555 cuppa’s!!! That is a very good perspective.

  2. JamesSwartz says:

    Energy efficient hair dryers are good options. We can save a lot of energy using this. But I doubt whether these energy efficient hair dryers will give the same result as normal hair dryers!

  3. Paula says:

    I really like my Karmin

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