Introducing Cruelty Free Make Up from Benecos

Here at Ethical Superstore we’re all about the cruelty free make up. We want to find high quality, cruelty free alternatives to the big names you’ll find on the high street. For us, Benecos is one of those brands.

About Benecos

Specialising in natural cosmetics made with organic ingredients, Benecos offers a real eco-friendly alternative to a lot of high street brands. The natural ingredients are much kinder to your skin than the ingredients found in regular make up such as mineral oils, paraffins and silicones – all of which are not permitted in certified natural products.

Why are they bad?

Mineral oils and petroleum derivatives have a different structure to the skin, and so aor not absorbed. Instead they sit on top of the skin making it feel silky soft, but it disrupts the natural regulation of the skin and its metabolism meaning it will stop regulating itself.

Paraffins can enter the body when applying lipstick or lip gloss. As they are not biodegradable and cannot be expelled by the body, they may accumulate in the liver, spleen or lymph nodes.

Silicones are synthetically produced ingredients that keep your lipstick and lip gloss long-lasting. Silicones can not be metabolised by the body and the may accumulate in fatty tissue.

What does Benecos offer?

To create a great base using products that won’t potentially harm your skin, Benecos have foundation, concealer, powder, blusher and bronzer.

Next to make those eyes stand out you can get natural eyeshadow in bright or neutral shades, along with liquid or pencil eyeliner and finish off with volumising mascara.

Whether you want your lips to pop with colour or you’re looking for a little more subtlety, you can try lipgloss or lipsticks in a range of shades that will keep your lips moisturised while looking great!

And don’t forget your nails! Benecos nail polish is free from harsh chemicals, suitable for vegans, cruelty free and comes in a range of great shades – you’re bound to find your favourite colour! You can even get nail polish remover for when you fancy a change.

So there you go, Benecos offer everything you need for a full face of make up if you so desire, make up that good for your skin and good for the planet too! Let us know if you’ve tried Benecos in the comments below!

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