“New Year, New Me”

We all get to that point over the Christmas period when we start to think of New Years Resolutions. They’re usually the same every year aren’t they – ‘lose weight’, ‘spend less’, ‘work less’ or even ‘work harder’. I know for years mine were always pretty generic – lose weight has pretty much been my go to New Years Resolution since the beginning of time! And here I am, having not lost any weight because I obviously don’t stick to my resolutions!

Of course not everyone makes New Years resolutions, and you really don’t have to. For some the New Year doesn’t signify anything except simply writing ‘2017’ instead of ‘2016’. But for many the New Year is symbolic, offering a ‘New Start’ which makes it easier to make a change, and that’s why their New Years Resolutions are so important to them.

However, when you make such vague and generic resolutions you’re already setting yourself up for failure. With no clear and concise plan of how you’re going to make the changes you simply won’t do it!


When you choose your resolutions, ask yourself why you want to change. Do you want to lose weight in order to improve your health? Do you want to work less so you have more free time to spend with your loved ones or simply doing the things you enjoy? Do you want to spend less so you can save money for a deposit on a new house or for a once in a lifetime holiday? If you have a clear goal you’ll be more likely to stick with your resolution because you’re doing it for a real reason, not just because everyone is making a New Years Resolution.


Once you know why you want to make change then decide how. If you make a real plan that is simple to stick to then again, you’re more likely to stick with the change! For example, you’re going to lose weight and get fit by attending a local Zumba class every week, or going for a walk at the same time every day (and changing you diet of course, weight loss does not come with just exercise!). You’ll save money by putting away £10 a week. You’ll work less by making a real effort to leave the office on time every day!


Once you’ve made your plans then you’re good to go! Let us know what your new years resolutions are and how you get on in the comments below!

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