Nature’s Greatest Cleaning Solutions by LoofCo

Some designs stand the test of time; with ingenious, yet simple, creations being made from natural, repurposed materials that prove their worth even in a world filled with chemicals and synthetic resources. Many of our most reliable cleaning tools are not electric or mechanized but are made with simple, yet strong, plant-based materials.

The lovely, luscious luffa plant

Don’t let the spelling confuse you; we are talking about the plant that you wash yourself with every morning. The luffa plant creates a fruit that is commonly matured before harvesting in order to turn it into an effective shower or kitchen sponge, which we commonly refer to as a ‘loofah’. That’s right; loofahs are literally grown and are one of nature’s best cleansers. What’s great about cleaners made with luffa is that they last a good long time. Bacteria builds up in anything that you’re using to clean things, but a loofah can give you months of thorough scrubbings out of one before you need another one. LoofCo firmly believes in the cleaning power of luffa; creating body loofahs, various cleaning loofahs, and even a heart-shaped loofah to proclaim their true love of the fibrous fruit.

It was loof at first sight

Strong coconut fibres help with thorough cleanings

Have you ever heard someone describe a coconut as being hairy? Well, the so-called ‘hairs’ on the husk of a coconut are actually called coir and they’re most likely what you’ll find underneath your feet on a doormat, on the inside of a mattress or at the end of a reliable brush. Repurposing this coir fibre brought on the invention of the humble scrubbing brush, which is still one of the most effective cleaning tools to this day. LoofCo’s range of scrubbers is no exception. Whether you’re washing your dishes or sprucing up your back garden, coir fibre brushes have an incredible robust design that means you can completely obliterate grime and stains.

Tasty flesh on the inside – amazing cleaning properties on the outside

Using husks to banish stubborn stains

Fibres aren’t the only things that the humble coconut has to offer us. However crude the old methods of cleaning were there’s no denying they got the job done. No cleaning tool is a better example of this than the LoofCo washing-up scraper. There’s no elaborate design or needless complexity to this item – due to the fact that it is quite literally a piece of coconut husk hand-cut to a convenient shape. You may scoff at this, but you’ll eat your words once you see how effective it is at scraping off last night’s baked-on lasagne. There are no scratches left behind either, which is more than can be said about most brushes and scrapers on the market. Hard to believe that all this utility can come from something that kills more people each year than shark attacks.

A reminder why you should always wear a hardhat when napping under palm trees

Be it up in a tree or down on the ground, we have Mother Nature to thanks for some of the most invaluable cleaning tools that we have today. LoofCo is firm in the belief that good old-fashioned natural cleaning brushes and sponges are the best way to keep you and your surroundings spic and span, and they make a convincing case with their range of loofahs and scrubbing brushes. Check out more of LoofCo’s traditional, handmade cleaning products.

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