Moltex eco-friendly nappies

Moltex Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies

If you’re a parent you probably know how many nappies your child goes through in the two to three years they’ll be wearing them – to those of you who are expecting, you need to know that it is a lot.

Children will go through around 5,000 nappies before they are potty trained, and with 813,200 babies born in England and Wales each year that amounts to a huge amount of nappies. Disposable nappies are the most widely used because they tend to be the most convenient and are relatively cheap from big supermarkets so it’s understandable.

However, we should really be thinking about the environmental cost of using disposable nappies, not only are they typically made from unsustainable materials there are around 3 billion sent to landfill every year.


That’s where Moltex nappies come in.

We know that as parents you have your babies best interests in mind, so we only sell the highest quality eco-friendly nappies we can find. Moltex nappies are made with eco-friendly materials, including sustainable cellulose; they are FSC Certified too so you know the materials have been responsibly sourced – and they are 70% biodegradable too! This doesn’t mean they compromise on quality at all, they are super absorbent so stay dry even at night, and they have a comfort stretch elastic waistband which is great for active babies. Moltex make their nappies without chlorine, latex or fragrances too so are completely safe for your baby whilst minimising the risk of a rash too.

Do you use Moltex or any other eco-friendly disposable nappies? Let us know you your thoughts!

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