Magnesium: Why it’s the best way to keep your body healthy

We already get told so much about the benefits of vitamin C, regular exercise, 5 fruit a day and all the other go-to health tips that we’ve surely all had thoroughly ingrained in our minds permanently by now. But consider this: when was the last time someone recommended that you get plenty of magnesium? How many ads come on the TV nowadays raving about the benefits of magnesium? Some people’s only recollection of the word ‘magnesium’ may be from the time the science teacher in school let them scorch some over a Bunsen burner in lieu of actually teaching them some science.

Truly, this is a crying shame; because there’s a world of good that supplementation of magnesium can do for your body. Don’t worry; we aren’t talking about ingesting those little strips for burning in school, magnesium is available as a spray. Kiki Health offers a saturated solution of magnesium chloride which can be sprayed onto the skin easily and absorbed into your skin cells. 10 sprays of this bottle equate to a recommended intake of pure magnesium; raising your body’s overall magnesium levels and making you privy to some of magnesium’s many health benefits.

A simple spray onto the skin is all that’s required

Cells LOVE it

Make no mistake; you should already have plenty of magnesium in your body, as it is an abundant mineral throughout all of your body that you absolutely need. Many of your body’s key functions are dependent on the magnesium in your body; creating over 300 enzyme reactions that translate to thousands upon thousands of biochemical reactions every day. Protein synthesis, one of the most important processes in your body, is aided by the magnesium present in your body. If your cells aren’t allowed to make proteins and replicate DNA, they can’t really function and – in turn – neither could you. Cell division is also crucial for creating new cells to keep your body repaired and at the peak of performance, which, again, is assisted with the help of magnesium.

Tone your muscles and nervous system

Magnesium allows you to comfortably tighten and relax your muscles; keeping them as flexible and comfortable as possible. A dwindling supply of magnesium can lead to muscle spasms, cramps and involuntary tics, as well as overall aches and pains in the muscles. Applying magnesium chloride doesn’t just relax muscles and ease pain. Magnesium is commonly used to suppress nerve pains brought on during pancreatic cancer and generally keeps your nervous system sending those impulses throughout your body.

You won’t be going anywhere if your muscles are knackered

Protect your teeth and bones

You won’t get away with throwing away your toothbrush, but magnesium is incredibly effective at strengthening both bones and teeth. Magnesium aids the body in absorbing calcium to help you get the most out of calcium sources. A regular dosage will help to build up the density of your bones. This will give you some added protection against the kinds of nasty afflictions that come about when your calcium levels are dropping, like osteoporosis or hypocalcemia.

Our body’s ability to absorb calcium deteriorates as we get older; making magnesium all the more important for people in their late 50s or older. Without proper calcium absorption your body might begin to retain calcium within soft tissue, preventing it from making its way to the bones and blood at all. This has been known to cause arthritis.

Although the whole ‘knuckle cracking will give you arthritis’ thing your mother used to tell you is a myth.

STAY ALERT!….and balance out your electrolytes

The subheading might paint magnesium as the brand of an exciting new energy drink, but magnesium really is the more eloquent solution to tiredness – without any of the nasty side effects of too much caffeine e.g. insomnia, anxiety, digestive distress, highly elevated blood pressure etc. Magnesium produces muscular energy, which helps you to keep active and stay alert through the day. Caffeine merely fools the brain into thinking it has more energy, when in reality those addicted to it are suffering from a needless amount of fatigue.

All the things that high caffeine energy drinks claim to do for your body can also be achieved with a healthy dosage of magnesium. Not only does magnesium combat tiredness and fatigue, but it also keeps your body’s supply of electrolytes in check. Electrolytes are what helps electrical charges and signals pass around your body; aiding muscle contractions via the nervous system.

Being alert doesn’t need to mean having your heart running at mach 10

Help your psychological function

Studies in the past have linked several mental health problems to a deficiency of magnesium. Anxiety, irritability, nervousness and many more psychological burdens can be curbed with a regular intake of magnesium because it has incredible calming properties. Magnesium has also been known to treat more serious cases of depression. An article published in Medical Hypothesis in 2006 titled ‘Rapid recovery from major depression using magnesium treatment’ explored magnesium’s healing power in this area.

So, on top of keeping yourself feeling alert, magnesium is also putting in work to keep you feeling upbeat and positive too. Forget comfort food – magnesium is the REAL cure for the blues.

Not since someone first inhaled helium has an element on the periodic table brought this much joy

Magnesium is important enough that it’s one of the most common ions in our body. The millions upon millions of actions we process on a daily basis are a result of magnesium aiding in our body’s internal messaging service. However, although magnesium is also present in many foods, many of us may not be getting our recommended daily dosage of the stuff. This can lead to type 2 diabetes, hypertension and…well, everything else that’s been mentioned above.

Absorbing magnesium through the body is quick, easy and it safeguards you against all sorts of physical and psychological grief, and now application is in an easy-to-use spray bottle. Kiki Health offer this and many other healthy spray-on oils that you can find here.

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