Cat and Dog Christmas Calendars?! Celebrating the Christmas season with your furrier family members

There’s plenty of reasons to be merry when December rolls around, what with Christmas visible on the horizon and the classic songs blaring on the radio. Yes, us humans love the Christmas season, but what about our pets? As far as they’re concerned, December 25th is just another day – except their owners seem to be jumping around a lot more.

With a few little gifts and treats here and there during December, you can help your cat or dog share in your excitement and truly get into the festive swing of things.

Countdown the big day with an advent calendar

We know what you’re thinking; surely it’s a terrible idea to give either your cat or dog little pieces of chocolate any time of the year – let alone during the lead-up to Christmas. Fret not, because Lily’s Kitchen calendars don’t contain chocolate at all. Behind each door is a collection of delicious treats that you can portion out through the day to help get your little animal excited throughout the festive season.


Why not open their advent calendar at the same time as your own? A chocolate treat for you and a tasty morsel for your cat or dog. Their treats come in a variety of meaty flavours that they will absolutely adore.

Plus, the treats have greater benefits besides their taste. For example, the cat treats come enriched with taurine, which is an essential amino acid in all cats’ diets. Taurine helps to keep their heart healthy and their teeth at peak efficiency, which they’ll obviously need for chomping down on their Christmas treats.

They won’t get that satisfying crunch without nice, sharp teeth

Both the cat and dog food made in Lily’s Kitchen is full of essential nutrients, so you can give the gift of a clean bill of health to your furry friend. And if that sounds like a boring gift idea, you can always…

Give them a fun cat and dog Christmas cracker

There’s no doubt that your pets will be around the Christmas dinner table, whether you want them there or not. Cats and dogs beg for the food at the best of times, but it’s all the more tempting for them when Christmas dinner rolls around. This year, instead of spoiling them with table scraps, let them join in the merriment with a cracker.

Lily’s Kitchen treats are available in a cute little cracker-shaped box that can twist open to reveal a collection of treats with traditional Christmas flavours, like turkey, cranberry, and cinnamon. This is great as a gift for them to unwrap under the tree, or as something to tide them over while you and the family enjoy your very own festive feast.


Do you know what else is great about these crackers? Each one is filled with treats and ONLY treats. No terrible Dad jokes or rubbish little puzzles that snap and break the instant you so much as yawn in their general direction – and they WILL make you yawn. Really, these treat-filled crackers are going to leave your dinner guests feeling jealous of your pets.

You might be disappointed to learn that there isn’t a little paper hat inside these cracker boxes, but let’s get real here. How many of us have actually had any success when it comes to putting hats on our pets?

The face of festive cheer

Do you already get your cat or dog involved in the Christmas season? Do they have a pressie waiting for them under the tree too? Have you actually managed to put a little Santa hat on a cat or a dog without being met with burning contempt? Comment how you and your pets will be celebrating the holidays!

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