Spring Cleaning with Ecozone

It’s officially Spring and we all know what that means – time to give the house a deep clean! There’s nothing better than cleaning your home using the most eco-friendly – and family friendly – products possible, and that’s why we offer you great brands like Ecozone.

Ecozone’s mission is to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals found in our homes and cut down household CO2 emissions. They’ve trying to achieve this by offering innovative cleaning and maintenance solutions and products that are plant based, without any harsh chemicals.

The products are allergy free, toxin free and never tested on animals – suitable for a vegan lifestyle too so everyone can use them for a good spring clean around the home.


The kitchen is basically the central hub of any home. We spend a lot of time in there, not only cooking delicious but at parties it’s the place where everyone seems to gather. With Ecozone you can keep every part of your kitchen sparkling clean!

Use the 3-in-1 Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser to clean all surfaces including microwaves, ovens and hobs. The cleaner quickly removes stains and cuts through grease with ease.

For appliances, use the Kettle & Iron Descaler, or the Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler. These will keep your small appliances clean, limescale free and efficient.


Keeping the bathroom fresh and clean is likely to be near the top of our priority lists, it can get quite smelly in there! Thankfully you can keep it presentable with help from Ecozone, they have a product for almost every part of the bathroom.

For fast action limescale remover use the Ecozone 3 in 1 Bathroom Cleaner and Limescale Remover, with a plant based formula and essential oils so you can keep your bathroom soap scum free without using harsh chemicals.

You can also prevent limescale build up in the show using the Daily Shower Spray, just lightly spray the shower after you’ve used it and leave to dry!

For the toilet, you can clean it with the Toilet Cleaner Gel which will help to remove limescale, and then prevent build up by using the Forever Flush!

Clear those plugholes with the Ecozone Plughole Hair Unblocker which dissolves hair using safe non-corrosive chemicals to break it down.

Floors & Carpets

No matter what type of flooring you have in your home, Ecozone can help you keep it clean with Carpet Shampoo, Wood Floor Cleaner, or Hard Floor Cleaner to choose from!

Windows & Mirrors

Last but not least, Ecozone have introduced a new 3-in-1 window cleaner that uses natural plant extracts to cut through dirt and grime, leaving your windows and mirrors sparkling clean and streak free without any toxic chemicals.

Remember that Ecozone cleaning products are made with biodegradable formulas, meaning they won’t have a negative impact on marine life when they enter the water systems. They’re free from palm oil too which makes them a more eco-friendly option for cleaning your home than so many other brands you’ll see on supermarket shelves.

Will you be making your home an Ecozone this spring? Let us know what your favourite Ecozone products are in the comments below.

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