Fab Little Bag - biodegradable tampon disposal

Are you disposing of your tampons correctly?

How do you dispose of your tampons, panty liners and sanitary pads? Are you a binner or a flusher? It turns out the majority of us are flushers, whether that’s because we think that’s what you’re supposed to do, or that it’s the discreet thing to do. However, flushing is absolutely not the correct way to dispose of your tampons! Sanitary products cause major blockages in the sewage system, and these need to be dealt with at great cost by water treatment plants – if the sewers flood they can even end up in our rivers and oceans.

The good news is you can now discreetly dispose of your tampons in the bin by using the Fab Little Bag, a biodegradable plastic bag that will fit in your tampon, applicator, panty liner and wipe and then can be sealed. This means if you find yourself in a loo without a bin you can quickly and hygienically put your used tampon back in your bag until you come across a bin, or if you’re at a friends house and don’t want to leave a used tampon visible in the bin!

The Fab Little Bag can be opened with one hand using the unique loop design, so it’s simple to use, and because the bag is biodegradable it’s good for the environment too! Watch the video below to fine out more, and see how easily it converts the flushers!

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