That Protein Raspberry & Cream Shake Recipe

Our friends at Thatprotein have a wonderful and summery recipe to introduce you to health and protein shakes you’ll love – it’s also ideal to satisfy a sweet tooth and tempt you away from those snacks.
Thatprotein shake recipe

Raspberry and Cream Shake

Summer equals berries, of course – what about challenging the status quo by combining the sweet edge of berries with the tanginess of super healthy baobab? Cashews add a creamy texture which is as indulgent as a dessert, but easy to whip up for a breakfast on the go.

Serves 1
Prep time 5 mins
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

300ml almond milk
1 tbsp Thatprotein Hemp & Baobab Protein Powder
1 handful plain cashew nuts (50g)
70g raspberries, preferably fresh
1 drop of vanilla extract
1 tsp of raspberries (or raspberry powder) to top

Mix all of the ingredients together (apart from the raspberries left for the top), and blend in a smoothie maker or mixer. Top off your creation with the remaining raspberries or raspberry powder (we also like the extra sherbety finish of pure Baobab powder from Aduna)


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