Ecozone is a British company established in 1997 that has successfully grown to supply 22 countries with a range of ecological, innovative and technologically advanced cleaning products such as washing balls and soap nuts.

Ecozone was created to provide the consumer with a cleaner, healthier, toxin-free lifestyle and they continue to succeed in offering customers cleaner, sustainable ways of living. Their mission is to 'make your home an Ecozone™' to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your home. They believe that homes should be safe and clean environments for all families, and fight to keep germs at bay, without compromise and without toxicity.

Ecozone innovate and develop ways to minimise our collective impact on the environment.  In scientific tests their products unleash superior cleaning performance against dirt when compared with the leading mainstream brands, so you can trust that your home is clean and your conscience is clear.

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