Harry Hill goes (Fairtrade) Nuts!

Harry Hill, the massive-collared former doctor turned off the wall comedian, is to launch a brand new range of salted peanuts with our friends over at Liberation! Nuts in order to show his support for African and Latin American nut farmers.

Harry's Nuts!

Hill has refused any fee for his services, preferring to ensure that the nut producers benefit as much as possible from this partnership.

‘I love salted peanuts myself and feel I am doing a service to snackers everywhere who want to know the farmers who grew what they are eating have been paid a fair price,’ explained Hill. ‘I’m working with Liberation because all of its products are Fairtrade and the company is run purely to benefit the farmers and their families.’

As well as putting his name to the product, Harry also designed the striking green packaging for the nuts which are launching soon and will be available over at Ethicalsuperstore.com.

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