Food Bank Friday 2020

Food Bank Friday 2020 – thank you!

Since 2015 we’ve been running our Food Bank Friday campaign as an alternative to Black Friday. We wanted to promote a more responsible message around Black Friday which was really beginning to take off in the UK, seeing people desperate to get a bargain above anything else. Back in 2015 the demand on foodbanks across the country was rising, sadly it has only increased year after year since which is why we have continued to run Food Bank Friday.

It may seem strange that our Food Bank Friday campaign lasts for a week… well we think Black Friday is a daft idea especially as it rarely seems to last just one day! The main thing is though if we run it for a week instead of a day it only means more donations for the food bank. During the week we will donate an item directly from our stock to the Newcastle West End Food Bank with every order taken over £30. Last year this resulted in 6,400 items being donated (with a value of over £10,000!), naturally this year we wanted to raise even more…

Yep, that’s right, we did! A total of 8,301 items will be going to people in need. The items have a total value of over £13,000 and are picked from our stock and sent to the Newcastle West End Food Bank based on what their current needs or shortages are.

On top of this we let you donate to one of 6 charities in the checkout, we’ve had a huge number of you opting to add a little extra and donate to the food bank with your order. We want to thank you so much for your generosity, over the last week you have contributed an extra £6,000 of donations to the Newcastle West End Food Bank.

2020 has been a tough year with the ravaging effects of COVID-19 hitting the country hard in many ways. This has put a strain on the health and care service, as well as on many businesses who have been unable to operate. Unemployment is rising sharply as a result and has accelerated the increase in demand at food banks up and down the country. Over 50% of people using food banks at the start of the pandemic had never needed one before.

So it’s more important than ever to support your local food bank. You can do so in many ways, you can find out how you can help by volunteering here.
An easy way to help is to simply donate food and other essential items, you can find your local food bank here on the Trussell Trust website.
You can also make a cash donation to the Trussell Trust on their donations page.
Another great way to help raise fund is to get your workplace involved, many businesses pledge support in different ways to food banks, from volunteering schemes to funding, find out how to get your business involved to partner with the Trussell Trust!
Don’t forget when you are ordering you can add a donation to the Newcastle West End Food Bank with your order. This money is topped up with an extra 20% from us and is used to purchase products for the food bank.
Christmas is not going to be normal for anyone but a litter help here and there can make it better for many people who are facing very difficult times ahead.

In the Foodbank Kitchen
Newcastle West End Food Bank Kitchen

Read more about the Newcastle West End Food Bank Organic Garden.

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