In Search of Eco Fashion For Men

One of the chief criticisms of the burgeoning eco-fashion scene has been the relative dearth of stylish options for all the fellas out there. The fact is, even the most eco conscious chap with only the vaguest interest in style can’t help but feel a little put out when a hunt for an eco-friendly t-shirt can only produce a motheaten number that looks like something from a primary school nativity.

Although the style and quality of men’s offerings has been gradually increasing, the range and choice on offer has been limited to say the least.

Part of the problem lies in the bigger retail picture. Take a walk down the average high street and you don’t have to be hawk-eyed to notice that womenswear dominates the mainstream clothing market – by as much as 80%.  Eco menswear is effectively a niche market within a niche market, so naturally it’s difficult to attract to top designers.

But fear not, gents – the signs are in the air that change is afoot. The eco market is expanding, and some of those small-but-hugely-talented design houses are getting some exposure. This means more choice for guys, and here at Ethical Superstore we’re increasing our range accordingly, with a greater variety available now, and further additions on their way in the very near future with the launch of our Autumn/Winter collection – watch this space!


One of the stylish numbers available in our range

Whether you want to stand out and make a statement with your eco clothing, or just sit back, relax and look classy in the knowledge that the threads you’re wearing were ethically produced, you’ll find it with us. But Eco fashion isn’t just about conventional clothing produced with organic materials and under Fairtrade conditions. It’s about imaginative, quirky products, and finding creative uses for old materials. That’s where the likes of the recycled fire hose belt step in. Stylish, inventive, unique, and ultimately, green – this is surely the kind of product eco menswear and organic men’s underwear needs to really build itself around in order to become a completely  accessible option for men.

So Eco menswear still has a way to go before it can rival the stylish range of options available for the ladies, which is no mean feat. But with the increasing demand for such clothing, and the associated benefits that demand brings, the future is looking bright for men’s neglected wardrobes everywhere.

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