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Brand Story: Ethletic

Ethletic was founded by James Lloyd and Dr.Martin Kunz in 1998. Strangely, the brand started with the production of the first fairly manufactured soccer ball in the world in a production hall in Pakistan.

From this, they branched out to creating sneakers and in 2004 the Ethletic sneaker became the first sneaker on the market worldwide to be certified with Fairtrade quality seal organic cotton. Ethletic is passionate about offering the ethical alternative and all its trainers are made with Fairtrade certified cotton. The rubber soles are FSC certified and sourced responsibly; their rubber is also fairly traded. Almost every material that Ethletic uses is fair trade and ecologically certified.

Ethletic is continuously looking to improve its quality, training of staff, stability of fair and sustainable supply chains and maintain contact with its people. Ethletic’s current CEO travels to Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan several times a year to see that these goals are being met and if they can be improved further. They are passionate about making an important contribution to sustainable development in regions where some are faced with crisis and violence.

All their shoes are produced in a factory in Pakistan under fair working conditions. The organic cotton is delivered from small plantations in Southeast India and is grown using mixed culture methods. All cotton is certified fair trade. The natural rubber from Sri Lanka is used for the outsoles and as an adhesive.

In 2016, Ethletic won the top Fairtrade Award in the Manufacturer category for “Outstanding Commitment to Fair Trade”. PETA has also awarded Ethletic its “Vegan Approved” seal. Not only that, 15% of the retail sales price of their shoes (along with the sports balls) goes to the production facility’s Talon Workers Welfare Society.

Ethletic also expanded their supplier chain to Sri Lanka, which is home of the natural rubber that is used in their shoes. The pioneering Fairtrade rubber plays the Fairtrade social premium for every kilo of rubber used on the production of their trainers. The rubber tappers decide how to use their income to improve living and working conditions.

Ethletic is a fair trade company. Not only that, the environment and sustainability is at the core of what they do; renewable and natural raw materials are used in production wherever it is possible. Due to Ethletic’s strong values you can wear their shoes with a clean conscience.

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