World Fair Trade Day – What are we doing to make the world a better place?

11th May 2013 is World Fair Trade Day

11th May 2013 is World Fair Trade Day

Today is World Fair Trade Day – a day when we celebrate the contribution that fair trade producers, importers, retailers and consumers are making to changing the very rules of trade. Rules which are stacked against the poorest people around the world. Rules that often leave them in abject poverty despite working long hours, in sometimes terrible conditions. Fair Trade seeks to redress that imbalance. Fair Trade is a movement to empower those who have little power in the world’s supply chains.

The terrible tragedy that occurred just outside Dhaka in Bangladesh reminds us of what happens when we put cheap prices ahead of treating people with dignity and respect. With more than 1000 people now confirmed dead, it is difficult to comprehend that there is a direct link between our cheap cloths and this unprecedented tragedy. While many bigger businesses now need to give serious and urgent consideration to their supply chains, you can buy confidently from fair trade suppliers knowing that they already are putting people first.

So what are we going to do from today onwards to make the world a fairer place?

Why not buy commit to switching one product you buy to a fair trade alternative?

  • Love coffee? Have you tried Cafedirect rich roast and ground coffee? It’s what we drink in the office and we’re pretty fussy when it comes to what we drink.
  • What about chocolate? If your chocolate isn’t Divine Chocolate then you are missing out on a heavenly experience.(Sorry couldn’t resist that pun!)
  • Or how about making your tipple a fair trade tipple? Whether you love you “blancs” Sauvignon or Chenin, or your reds Merlot or Cabernet then we have a box of delights for you. Our half case of mixed fairtrade wines brings you the best of South Africa and South American ethical wines delivered free to you front door. What could be fairer than that?
  • Still not sure? Then why not look at the hundreds of other products that are working hard to make the world a fairer place – our full range of fair trade and ethical products can be found here.

Or how about committing to supporting those organisations who go the extra mile for the marginalised and disadvantaged growers and producers around the world? Fair trade pioneers like Traidcraft, Cafedirect, Divine Chocolate, Equal Exchange, People Tree, Tearcraft, Clipper Teas, Pachamama, Tropical Wholefoods, Zaytoun and Pants to Poverty.

Also make sure you support those campaigning to make trade fairer at a global level. Organisations like the World Fair Trade Organisation, the Fairtrade Foundation and the World Development Movement.

And finally, if you’re going to be in London on 8th June, join the Enough Food for Everyone If campaign to lobby world leaders to make the world a better, fairer place.

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