10 Fairtrade products you (probably) didn’t know you could buy

Yes, there are indeed more Fairtrade products to feast on than tea, coffee, bananas and chocolate. From marmalade, and mango chutney to sexy underwear and ethical cola, there’s a rare Fairtrade treat to be unearthed for everyone…

Cracking cola This little-known Fairtrade cola is fizzing with good news. With Fairtrade sugar from Malawi and Zambia, and a minimum of 15 per cent of profits returned to these producers, this is the real deal. For those who have boycotted Coca-cola due to human rights violations or their sapping of the water table in India — it can take 9 litres of water to produce a litre of Coke – Ubuntu cola is the taste you have been looking for from a company who cares.

Sexy knickers Fairtrade cotton is not a new thing but how many of you have embraced Fairtrade right down to your underwear? Designs are moving forward too, keeping fashionistas happy, with low waist and delightfully snug fitting fairtrade labelled pants now available. No need to get your knickers in a twist as Fairtrade ensures cotton farmers in Western Africa are being guaranteed a fair price for their crop.

Magic marmalade Attention all toast lovers! A lip-smacking marmalade start to the day gets no better than opening a jar of Fairtrade marmalade. This rare treat is sourced with sweet organic Seville oranges and rounded off with Fairtrade organic sugar from a farming cooperative in Paraguay. The sugar cane is providing a lifeline for farmers as the Fairtrade premium is enabling the community to bring fresh water and electricity to their village.

Domestic goddess It might seem a bit humdrum, but we all have them, so why not clean up your act and make your cleaning cloth Fairtrade? This unusual little ethical product does what it says on the tin –- clean — but is sourced with cotton from the mountainous region of Mali before being knitted in Europe. Make this the future for your domestic chores.


Sweet treat fudge You knew you could get Fairtrade chocolate to indulge yourself, but what about some Fairtrade fudge for the ultimate super-sweet treat? Yet nothing is fudged with this scarce delight, as it is handmade with all natural ingredients. Treat yourself with the pleasure knowing that the Fairtrade premium has already provided the co-operative with a bore-hole, assuring clean, safe water for the growers in Malawi.

Choice mango chutney

The perfect accompaniment to your curry.

Organic mango chunks and ginger combine with turmeric in this sweet and spicy gem of a chutney that contains Fairtrade sugar.


Chocolate cookies They may be your favourite Fairtrade chocolate brand, but did you know that Divine have also created another champion amongst delicacies with their delectable chocolate cookies? Containing ample Fairtrade chocolate chunks using their infamous cocoa sourced from Ghana, these unique melt-in-your-mouth cookies will add a touch of extravagance to any coffee break.

Miniature speckled eggs For those searching for a rare Easter treat for the little ones, try these delicious Fairtrade chocolate eggs. Crisp with a creamy mouth watering chocolate centre –- and not unlike the, ahem, more well-known brand of colourful miniature eggs in appearance — the Fairtrade chocolate filling will surely warm many hearts. Why not grab a few of these special bags this Easter.

Fab and fruity flapjacks Doves Farm use an array of Fairtrade ingredients in their ever-growing range of products from nuts, mangoes, pineapples and bananas to chocolate.

This delicious Fairtrade apple and sultana flapjack is made from a traditional West Country recipe and made with at least 20 per cent Fairtrade ingredients.

Designer towels Chic yet practical, discovering these novel Fairtrade cotton towels will add a dash of eco-style to any home. Two funky Sarah Smith prints to choose from will bring bold and vibrant fun to the bathroom. All made with 100 per cent Fairtrade cotton sourced from Mali, this is without doubt a towel to treasure.

So don’t forget! Fairtrade Fortnight starts on Monday, 23rd February.

Let us and other ethical shoppers know your favourite unsung Fairtrade product. Comment below.

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