Earth Hour

On Saturday, March 29, 2008, Earth Hour invites people around the world to turn off their lights for one hour – from 8:00pm to 9:00pm in their local time zone. Cities around the world, including Copenhagen, Chicago, Melbourne, Dubai, and Tel Aviv, will hold events to acknowledge their commitment to energy conservation.

Google have turned out the lights. Let’s do the same tonight. 🙂


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2 Responses

  1. sarah venus says:

    I’ll confess, I forgot to do this!

    I’m now working on a campaign with to get people to confess their eco-sins.

    If you’re like me and have a couple, then you can win some eco-prizes at

  2. Sandra says:

    I also forgot to do this but have make a big effort to switch off lights (or not even turn them on) and have been talking to my kids about saving electricity. We use a lot of energy saving light bulbs and rechargeable batteries too.

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