Time to Talk Periods – Thank you!

From the 16th June – 16th July 2021, we launched our first ‘Time to Talk Periods’ campaign. The aim of our campaign was to raise awareness and help put an end to period poverty; an issue that effects so many people and one that the Ethical Superstore team are passionate about tackling. We also wanted your help to help educate and donate to the cause.

To help us spread awareness further, we partnered with leading charity Bloody Good Period who work hard to get period products to those who need them. We also partnered with environmental activist Ella Daish, who campaigns to help end period plastic.

As part of our campaign, we gave our customers two options to donate. At our checkout customers could donate one of four eco period products in our checkout area which all went to Newcastle West End Food Bank. For every ten items donated we also added another two.

As well as that, our customers could also donate a cash sum directly to Bloody Good Period who work to educate, donate and normalise. Bloody Good Period will then use these donations to help get period products to those who can’t afford or access them.

We wanted to address as many topics as possible which is why over the course of the campaign we covered areas such as inclusivity, period poverty, health and environment and climate change. We wanted to open the conversation and discuss topics that people may be unfamiliar with or not realise the impact that they have. We also wanted to help educate on the range of different and sustainable period products that are available to us.

We also worked with some incredible brands who are doing great things for people and planet such as Mooncup and WUKA who again helped spread the awareness of our campaign. You can check out our Instagram Live with WUKA and Bloody Good Period here and our Instagram Live with Ella Daish here.

We want to say a huge thank you to all our amazing customers who helped us raise a huge £4,861.70 for Bloody Good Period; this money will truly help get period products to those in need. You also raised £1,114.97 worth of period products, which we will donate to Newcastle West End Foodbank . For every 10 items you donated, we will also donate a further 2!

Read more about our campaign here

View our range of sustainable period products here

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