Help marine conservation with Natracare

Help Raise Money For MCS With Natracare

MCS LogoThe Marine Conservation Society is a UK charity which looks after the shores, seas and marine wildlife, they aim to secure the future of living seas an save the threatened marine life before it’s gone. Very few places in UK seas are safe for marine wildlife, there needs to be protected areas where wildlife can recuperate and thrive.

What Are They Doing?

MCS and their supporters do many things to try help and support marine wildlife. Beach litter levels have doubled in the last few decades so to help combat this MCS works to get rid of the rubbish taking over seas and shores. This rubbish is extremely dangerous to sea life including dolphins, whales and sea birds. Additionally 71% of fish stocks in Europe are overfished or have depleted, many once common fish are now becoming rare in areas they once thrived. MCS are working towards promoting sustainable seafood alternatives to combat this. They want the seas to be full of life again and for beaches and seawater to be cleaner.

The Plastic Challenge

MCS PhotoWe’ve already written about hidden plastics in products and how they can be dangerous in a different post, for example how innocent sea life are getting confused and mistaking toxic plastic waste for food. MCS wants to do something about plastic usage, this is where the Plastic Challenge comes in. The plastic challenge is where people stop using single use plastics while at the same time raising money to combat plastic litter. People can do this for however long they wish at any time they wish, but most try to do it during the elected month which this year is 1st June – 30th June 2016. People are encouraged to share their plastic challenge stories, how they found it, tips and tricks and their fundraising activities.


How To Help With Natracare

NatracareEvery little bit of support and donation helps in the fight to keep our seas, shores, beaches and marine life healthy. Natracare knows this, as for every Natracare product we sell (excluding Digital Tampons 20s Regular, Super, Super Plus, Baby wipes, Intimate wipes, Makeup Wipes, Nursing pads and Maternity pads) they’re donating 20p to the Marine Conservation Society.



Will you be helping MCS and have you tried the Plastic Challenge?

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