Try vegan this Veganuary

Ready for Veganuary? Go vegan this January for health, planet and animals

Have you seen people talking about #Veganuary and wondered what on earth they’re signing up to? Are you interested in kickstarting a healthy diet, exploring a vegan diet or just making less of an impact on our planet? Then you could give the Veganuary challenge a go – simply undertake a vegan diet for the month of January, with thousands of others for support.

We have over 1,600 products at Ethical Superstore suitable for vegans, including a fantastic range of vegan-friendly sweets and chocolate. If you want to look at your whole lifestyle there’s also brilliant cruelty-free clothing and accessories you’re sure to love.

Common misconceptions
Other people might mistake vegan and vegetarian diets, or even pescetarian. It can be confusing for some, but here are a few tips.

  • Vegans don’t eat any products from animals – that includes honey, dairy (including butter, yoghurt and milk) or eggs.
  • Vegan and vegetarian is two different things – vegetarians usually eat dairy, milk and eggs (but do not eat fish – that’s a pescetarian)
  • Loads of vegan alternatives are available such as soy and nut milks, vegan cheeses, vegan butter and yoghurt alternatives, and many more!
  • Lots of what you already eat is already suitable for vegans, so you’re already on the way.
  • Vitamin B12 is regularly added to fortified foods, and natural supplements are easily available – Terranova is one of our favourites.


Find out more about the challenge at the Veganuary website – they can help bust myths about eating vegan, and help with fantastic healthy recipe ideas. They’re on Twitter at @WeAreVeganuary.

The Vegan Society has a ton of resources and works to certify products so you know exactly what’s in your food or skincare.

We’ve had a couple of brilliant vegan-friendly restaurants pop up in the North East this year, let us know where else you love to eat vegan style or products that you love too.

We have a great selection of vegan alternatives, everything from eggs to mock duck!

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