Lemonaid and Charitea Fairtrade drinks

Lemonaid and ChariTea – Fairtrade drinks with a mission

It is because of your ongoing support that Lemonaid and ChariTea are able to contribute to real social change. Read their update about how your money makes a difference to farmers’ lives via Fairtrade drinks, and about their great award win!

A trip to their latest charity project in South Africa

Lemonaid & ChariTea drinks were born out of a desire to give back. It’s not about simply donating money to good causes – their mission is to empower people so that they can help themselves. They work directly with farmers to ensure they receive fair pay for raw ingredients and support local initiatives which help improve living and working conditions. Every year, they travel to the farming regions to get to know the local farmers and their working conditions.

A few weeks ago Lemonaid & ChariTea visited their rooibos tea co-operative Heidveld in South Africa just in time to witness a memorable day for the community whereby four new water tanks were installed, fully funded through the charity. The idea for this project was thought up by the farmers and community themselves – the tanks will allow greater collection and storage of rain water to support the rural villages through the dry months, benefiting over 40 households that don’t have access to tap water.

LemonAid and ChariTea - drinks that do good

ChariTea wins World Beverage Innovation award

ChariTea are proud to announce that they won the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award at Foodbev’s 13th annual World Beverage Innovation Awards. They are thrilled to be recognised as an exemplary Social Enterprise in the drinks industry and hope to inspire other brands to follow that path.

Take a look at their range of drinks, and enjoy one knowing that your purchase does good!

Find out about Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 – 25th February – 10th March.

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