What women really want – an ode to Valentine’s Day

The question of what women really want is (or ought to be) at the forefront of men’s minds in the lead-up to Valentine’s day. However whilst compliant boyfriends, husbands and prospective suitors rack their brains over the next couple of weeks to find that special gift to make their beloved’s knees turn to jelly, there will always be ones who forget, those who are obliged to rush off to purchase a last minute gift, and the few who risk social outcasting and feminine rage by spurning the commercialisation of Valentine’s fever and refusing to indulge.

But would such a rage be justified? I rather suspect that anyone out there who avoids Valentine’s Day only dares to do it after careful and sensitive discussions with their other halves. And does a last minute gift really count for anything? I can’t help but think that a well thought out gift planned with love and given as a surprise is a treat, and anything else is jumping on a bandwagon…but perhaps that just makes me a hard girl to please.

So when I really ponder the issue, I think that when it comes to the crunch, what women really want for Valentine’s day is for chaps to want to make a fuss about us… Perhaps this is akin to wanting my boyfriend to want to do the washing up, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask…is it…?!

In all honesty I think that the majority of the population find the hype and expectations a bit too much, but if you ask around you’ll find that most people’s favourite Valentine’s day memories are of nice walks they’ve been on, picnics they’ve eaten or moments they have shared rather than receiving a pricey gift. Perhaps demanding an enduring memory is even more alarming for the increasingly anxious reader, but take it from a girl who spent most of last Valentine’s day on an uncomfortable long-distance train journey across central Asia – if you like your other half enough to actually be with them, you can have a good day together wherever you are.

But back to the question of gifts, I really do believe that the classic favourites are the best. I’m a bit of a flowers and chocolate, wine and jewellery enthusiast myself so I’m fully in favour of Tommy’s blog, the Bloke’s Guide to perennial Valentine’s favourites – and buy fair trade, because that shows that you’re thinking when you’re buying – but don’t buy us a present because you feel you have to guys, buy one because you want to – please!

photos from flickr: Ramyalaa and austinhk

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