Have an Eco Fathers’ Day

Daddies began to get their share of recognition for their efforts in parenthood in June 1910, in fact, exactly 101 years before Fathers’ day this year.  It was, rather surprisingly, a lady who fought for the rights of Dad.  She was Sonora Smart Dodd, who tragically lost her mother when she was 16 leaving her father, William Jackson Smart, as a lone parent of six children.

Having listened to a church sermon about the newly recognised Mother’s day in 1909, Sonora Smart felt that Dads should get some of the kudos too.  With help from the YMCA and the YWCA, she sought to have the day, traditionally the third Sunday in June, officially recognised by US congress however, despite various US presidents’ attempts to make the holiday official (in America anyway), it was not officially recognised until 1972 by President Nixon.

As a child, Fathers’ Day meant little to me other than a need to find a card, buy a razor or some other generic male “gift” and keep out of Dad’s way for the day.  Since I became a father though, I realise what it’s all about.  It’s about taking one day of the year to stop and think about what it is to be a Dad.  To appreciate all they do in our lives, all they have done all they will do in the future.

To make it easier for our customers to show their fathers the appreciation they deserve this year, we’ve brought together a range of products as gift ideas to inspire you and to make sure that fathers can enjoy their special day in an eco friendly way.

I’ve decided to go for the H2O Water Powered Shower Radio for my Dad this year.  Partly because I’m encouraging him to be more eco aware but mainly because it is powered by water and so saves money on the electricity bill.  He’s a newbie to eco friendly but he’s Scottish so his purse strings are innately tight!  He’ll love it.

So get searching for that perfect gift.  Remember though, if you’d like to ensure delivery in time for Fathers day using our standard delivery service, you should place your order by Monday 13th June or by 2pm on Thursday 16th June using the express delivery option.
Happy Fathers’ Day Dads!

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