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Personally, I’m not too sure about this McDonald’s related news. There was a guide that came out the other day (I’m still trying to locate it) that places them firmly in the bottom half of the enviromentally friendly food suppliers table.

Add in the methane that all those cows add to the atmosphere*, and the only way McDonalds could really make much of a difference would be to switch over to 100% tofu burgers…

*Fascinating fact: It’s a common myth that cows produce methane via the mechanism of flatulance. 95% of the methane cows produce is actually emitted via belching.

Anyway, let’s move right along to the latest comic from xkcd which is all about the joys of biofuel.

EDIT: Couple of interesting links about what McDonalds could do to reduce the amount of packaging waste they generate, how they’ll soon be the biggest retailer of Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee, and a mystery case study that talks about their eco credentials.

You can also make your own mind up about McDonalds, but it still doesn’t provide a satisfactory answer to the age old question why you can’t have a Sausage and Egg McMuffin at 4.00pm…

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