Much of a clutchness

The perception of vegan products is slowly changing for the better and these gorgeous Wilby Vegan Clutch bags might have something to do with it!  In 2012 the founders of Wilby set out to create a vegan fashion range specialising in the ‘clutch’.

Wilby Arda Pink Double Zip Clutch

The story behind the brand is mainly down to the co-founder Lucy Housman becoming increasingly frustrated by the way the leather industry worked and wanted to create animal free products that were certified for legitimacy as well as being eco sensitive and environmentally aware, and my how they have delivered!  Not only are their bags smart, sleek and ooze style, they are made with only sustainable and ethical materials such as organic cotton and hemp, are made in Chelsea, London and are the only range certified by the vegetarian society.  Wilby have stated that ‘this brand is for people who want to be fashionable but struggle with the leather market due to vegan values or environmental beliefs’.

Wilby Green Orome Dip Clutch

The Chelsea attitude and style has certainly been captured through their range and this is a big part of the brand and its identity.  Even the models that they have used were found on King’s Road in Chelsea.  However, they have also made sure that their products are much more accessible price wise compared to other vegan bag ranges out there at the moment such as Stella Mccartney and Vivienne Westwood, meaning there is no excuse to not go vegan.  The range consists of casual or evening clutches and in my opinion the Orome Dip Clutches are the most unique pieces around this season.

Their Bag4Tree campaign is also wonderful; with every bag sold they plant a tree in partnership with the World Land Trust in the forests of the Amazon, Kenya and Central America so you are safe in the knowledge that you are proactively reducing planetary co2 emissions one bag at a time…what is not to love about this beautiful fashion forward range?!

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