The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Green

5 easiest-ever tips by Sallyanne Flemons, editor of

  1. Get your milk and veg delivered by your local, organic supplier. No need to leave the house and a lower carbon footprint. Marvellous.
  2. If you must vacate your bed to go shopping, pop a folded reusable shopper into your bag before you leave. Or even better, take a wheelie trolley, then you won’t even have to carry the load at all – just pull.
  3. Keep a little watering can on the windowsill. If you have water left over (like last night’s drink or unused stale kettle water) just pour it in the can instead of down the sink. Then, when it comes to watering the house plants, you don’t have to bother to fill it up.
  4. Get a draught excluder sausage dog draught excluder. Stick it under the closed door to keep the chills out then crash out on the sofa with some fair trade organic chocolate.
  5. Buy a dishwasher. Great news! Research shows that using a dishwasher is more eco friendly than washing up by hand. Just make sure it’s an ‘A’ rated one and it’s full before you put it on.

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Veg image via Flickr: MarkyBon

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