Mike’s Christmas Letter

Dear Santa…

My Name Is Michael Elliot, But you can call me Mike (how original!).

I’ve been a good boy this year because.. well, I don’t need a reason, or maybe I just don’t have one…  Oh yeah, I did make food for a friend who has no kitchen the other day – that must count!

This is what I would like for Christmas:

1) I would like a Solar Gorilla Laptop Charger, because it’s awesome, and my laptop is always short of battery.

2) And I would like the Solar Transforming Robot, because it can be three different things!  I don’t care if its meant to be for kids.

3) And I would like some Divine Coffee Milk Chocolate – 100g.  It’s sooo nice, my favourite chocolate maybe ever.

Oh and Just One More Thing…

If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be that England win the Ashes.

And to listen to my favourite song, which is O Come All Ye Faithful.

When You Come to Visit

The best way to get to my house is to look for the ridiculous garage that it’s impossible to get a car to round the house, pretty sure there are none others like it anywhere near.

But Make Sure You’re Careful Of our chimney, I’m pretty sure its been blocked up.

When you visit, I promise I’ll leave you out a glass of whisky and a mince pie.

And I’ll leave Rudolph some carrots.

With Lots of Love

From Mike x

P.S. How do you visit all the people in the world in one night?  Your reindeer must be exhausted by Christmas day!

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