Buy A Tee, Get Socks Free!


We’ve teamed up with our super cool friends at Rapanui to give away a free pair or ultra eco, super soft and breathable socks made from a bamboo and organic cotton blend.

Available on selected Rapanui shirts, these socks are a complete treat for your feet.  Made predominantly from Bamboo means they’re soft, comfy and breathable; perfect for the winter days when you need your feet warm but none of the sweat!

We’ve stocked Rapanui shirts for about a year now and since then, they’ve proven themselves as true pioneers in Eco clothing.  The route from their raw materials suppliers to your wardrobe is as transparent as it gets and we’re delighted to offer this little extra with your next Rapanui purchase.
So pick up a Rapanui Shirt today and enjoy the soft warmth of Bamboo socks.


* = Available On Selected Rapanui Shirts


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