Eco-Gadgets and Energy Saving

Wattson Home Energy Meter

Calling all eco-gadget fans! The EthicalSuperstore offices have been alive today with talk of last night’s Gadget Show (channel 5). While the two Gadget Show hosts ran around their houses working on reducing their energy consumption and slashing their energy bills, we watched with a smile on our faces, as many of the products that were showcased are in fact right here at EthicalSuperstore!

First to step up was the trusty Wattson Home Energy Meter – a long-standing EthicalSuperstore favourite, the Wattson has been saving up to 20% of our energy bills since the moment we plugged it in – there’s nothing like an ambiant glowing energy meter to grab your attention when it suddenly burns bright pink. That’s a sure sign that you need to turn some appliances off around the house…

Second to the podium was the Intellipanel. Available for desktop and for laptop computers, these handy plug panels are designed to cut off power to your peripherals as soon as your main device is turned off. Very handy for those of us who have the habit of accidentally leaving on printers, desk lamps, speakers, scanners… Let’s be honest, the list can be endless!

On the subject of leaving devices on unintentionally, the Ecosavers Standby eliminators must get a mention. Saving you time as well as money, not only are you eliminating standby at the touch of the button, you’re doing it at the touch of a remote control button. That’s got to appeal to the gadget fans out there!

Smaller, but no less important, the Ecobutton was given a guest spot on the programme. Bright green to catch your eye, this clever little gadget actually starts to become addictive – you’ll be putting your computer into ‘eco mode’ as often as you can, watching the savings wrack up as you go.

Last, but not least, came the humble energy saving light bulb. This has got to be the easiest change of all to implement in your house, as everyone needs to change their light bulbs, every now and again. The beauty of energy saving bulbs is that as well as saving you money as they consume less energy, most brands actually last a good deal longer than standard lightbulbs – The 60W Biobulb claims a lifespan of up to 7 years, which is impressive by anyone’s standards!

All of this talking about energy saving has really got me thinking. Although my thoughts are turning to Spring, there’s still a disconcerting amount of Winter still to come, and those darker evenings certainly eat up the electricity around my house. Energy saving light bulbs have got to be the easiest place to start, but I need to start making sure that my other half is more careful about leaving devices in standby, and an energy monitor is going to be called for… The only question is which to choose…?!

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